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Florence to Turin

Our favourite market in Florence was the Mercato Centrale, literally 30 steps around the corner in San Lorenzo Square. On the ground floor are outstanding artisans – the rules ensure that only “healthy, good, tasty food” is provided and it truly was like heaven for food lovers. Outstanding seasonal fruit and vegetables, meat and fish of all sorts. You can see the the second story in the photo, which houses about 20 different food outlets – and this is where locals also go to eat and drink for a casual, good value, evening out.

A Market Firenze 1

It was time to bid farewell to Florence and travel to Turin by fast train. Ian has recently made contact with some previously unknown Italian relatives, and so we were privileged to have a very special travel guide and a wonderful interpreter. Grazze mille, Claudia and family and to Lorena – your generosity made our two days in Torino an outstanding experience!

Claudia & Alessandro

Ilara & Alessandro

Luca with kids Ilaras dog 2 (1)

We shared several beautiful meals, wine and family time with Claudia and her extended family. No wonder this region of Piedmont is known as the centre of the ‘slow food movement’.

Turin is a very impressive city, with wide streets and beautiful architecture.

A Turin 1 A Turin 2 A Turin 3

The Egyptian museum was founded in 1824 when archeology was all the rage and it is ranked as Number 2 in the world, only after Cairo! It houses many floors of antiquities dedicated to culture and art and was truly impressive. We only saw a small part of this collection and these few photos don’t really do it justice. A ‘must see’ museum if you are at all interested in this fascinating period of Egypt’s history.

A Turin 10 A Turin 11

A Turin 12 A Turin 13

A Turin 15 A Turin 16 A Turin 17

It was so sad to say goodbye to the family in Torino at the train station. We hope to return one day, and that they will also come to visit us in Australia.

And now, off to explore Venice and then meet up with our American friends to go cruising – just a tiny bit excited!