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Inspirational Gaudi…

Antoni Gaudi – What a man, what an imagination! We had been introduced to some of his works in and around Barcelona on a hop-on hop-off coach tour of this beautifully planned and laid out city…

A Gaudi 1 A Gaudi 2 A Gaudi 3

However, we were not prepared for the visual WOW! of the Sagrada Familia designed by Gaudi as an ‘exceptional place of worship’.

This building is a photographer’s dream – everywhere you look you find interesting things to capture. The exterior is amazing in scale and the amount of sculptured fine detail – animals, dragons and serpents mix it with Gothic arches, mosaics and beautifully formed window surrounds in the typical Gaudi style. It just goes on and on…

A SF 1 A SF 2 A SF 3 A SF10 A SF11 A SF12 A SF14

Yes, those are cranes and construction teams swarming all over the building because it has been “a work in progress” since 1883 and they hope it will be finished in 1926, exactly 100 years after Gaudi’s death. That’s five generations who have witnessed this tower being built to Gaudi’s design!

HOWEVER, the interior is something else again! It was as I would envisage walking into a cauliflower kaleidoscope… It is simply breathtaking to witness. Organic forms are everywhere and the columns stretch up like huge plant parts to the ceiling – all illuminated by the sun streaming through acres of stained glass. It has been planned to allow one side to be largely blue/green and the other red/orange/yellow… The sun was coming through the red/orange/yellow side (probably the south west side – I am always confused with light direction in the northern hemisphere).

A SF 15 A SF 16 A SF 17 A SF 18 A SF 19 A SF 20 A SF 21 A SF 22

The Director of the school of architecture who handed Gaudi his degree way back in 1878 apparently stated “He is either a genius or a madman”. I won’t go on any more, but let the photographs show the result. Enjoy….

A SF 4 A SF 5 A SF 6 A SF 23 A SF 24 A SF 25

” Gaudi’s architecture is timeless since it does not rely on styles or tendencies and still gives pleasure three-quarters of a century after his death in the same way as flowers or mountains do”

From GAUDI the entire works… Joan Bassegoda i Nonell