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In a pickle?!

After 8 plus months away on our big caravan trip, lots of people predicted we would get itchy feet. Hmmm. Maybe a little bit, especially when there is no choice but to do the mundane things of life like filing, vacuuming and home maintenance!

Mostly though it has been fun to get ‘back into the routine’, and guess what came to mind?

Mango chutney 1

We enjoy making chutneys and pickles – don’t you think they make the difference between an ordinary cheese platter or meal and something fabulous?! This mango chutney recipe from Janelle Bloom is cooked in the microwave and  makes about 4 jars – easy peasy! Just the best served up with cheese, biscuits and fruit or veges.

Picalilli 1

Do you ever watch River Cottage? If so, you may have seen “Pam the Jam” in action demystifying how to make jams and pickles, including this delicious Piccalilli. Go down to your local markets and pick up 2 kgs of your favourite mix of veges (we chose cauli, radishes, zucchini, capsicums and beans). Chop and salt them overnight, then make the pickling sauce and throw it all together. VERY easy – the only problem is waiting 6 weeks to taste it but the jar drippings were yummy!

Get the recipe here. This made 8 jars of various sizes; great for home or as gifts for Very Special People.

Speaking of jars… Do you know how to easily remove those pesky labels off old jars so you can recycle them? Let us know if you’d like the tip!