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A Marri 4

Marri trees – a great example of WA’s beautiful flora

We would like to share some of Western Australia’s beautiful flora with you, as our state has such a huge variety of wildflowers, bushes and trees.

It’s mid February so we will start with the magnificent Marri trees (Corymbia calophylla)  which are in full flower. It reminds us of a time in New Zealand when we saw snow on the forests midway down the North Island… They contrast so beautifully against the other eucalypts that are not flowering, such as the Red Flowering Gums and the River Red Gums along the creek beds. The large stands are very beautiful and the honeyeaters and bees are in hog (or bee!) heaven.

A Marri 1 A Marri 2

In some places the nectar flow is so great it forms wet patches on the ground.

A Marri 3 A Marri 4 A Marri 7

Some trees are 10-15 metres in height and nearly as big again around their crown. The flowers are sometimes bunched up over most of the extremities of the crown, rather like a cauliflower.

A Marri 6

The characteristic gnarly bark of the trunk and limbs is very evident. Some of last year’s fruit on our local trees is still intact and has avoided the Red & White Tailed Cockatoos’ attentions. These large birds have very strong beaks that they use to crack open the hard gumnuts to extract the seeds.

A Marri 8

The marris provide a very beautiful display at this time of the year throughout the South West of Western Australia, and seem like an extension of our peak wildflower season starting in September each year.

Fellow West Australians, you may like to share your favourite native tree, bush or wildflower with us too?