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More FNQ…

In our last post, the peacocks and bats in the tree above our caravan were making life difficult. All was resolved when a large goanna (aka barnie or perentie) took up residence in the tree, and apparently under our van when we were out. All arguments ceased – the male peacock still slept there each night but was well-behaved without the peahens, and the bats disappeared!
We were happy campers again, and have even had mostly sunny weather the last couple of weeks. The wind however has not let up except for the occasional day. Eastern States people reckon that the WA coast and Perth are windy, but up this way it is a lot worse.
These photos were taken on the Daintree River Wild Watch with Ian (Sauce) Worcester who really knows his stuff and has been doing tours for about 18 years.
Daintree River 2
Kingfisher 2
Tree snake
Croc 4
Sunset 2
These little yellow sunbirds were checking out our awning for a nest site. They evidently have realised that if they build near people they are pretty safe as we scare off any predators. Our neighbours who stay here for 4 months every year often have to remove their pendulous nests before they can move out.
Yellow Bellied Sunbird 1
We are now at Ellis Beach until 7 July when we head into Cairns for the van to be serviced (done 10000 k’s!) Here is the view through our caravan door – a lovely beachfront spot as we got a last minute cancellation (it’s the caravanner’s version of winning Lotto as people book for 2-3 years ahead for this slice of paradise). Within walking distance there is good food at the local bar and grill ($1 oysters on Sundays so Ginny is in hog heaven) and great beach walks…
Ellis Beach 3
Ellis Beach 2
Ellis Beach 1 View from van Ellis Beach
Ian is booked in to a nature photo workshop over two days with Steve Parish and another pro Martin Willis on 2-3 August, so we will be spending more time around this area and the Atherton Tablelands until then. We are really enjoying our time in FNQ – still find the wet tropical rainforest a bit overpowering and claustrophobic, but it is interesting and the wildlife is prolific. Keeps Ian and his  camera on the go!

Far North Queensland

Is anyone actually living in Victoria this winter?! Judging by the car licence plates in all the caravan parks, most Victorians  are here in Far North Queensland enjoying the warm weather with us!
Port Douglas has changed little since our last visit in May 2012 when we attended the wedding of Ginny’s niece, Stephanie and her partner Jose. It’s still a touristy town, bustling on the main street but many vacant shops on the side streets and in the marina resorts.
Port Douglas from lookout 1
Us Port Douglas
We stayed 7 kms out at the Big 4 Glengarry park; a lovely tropical setting, and a good walk down across the Mowbray River where we also found several McMansions like this…
Huge Qlder 4
Ride-on mowers are a necessity for gardeners in this climate as the grass is just so lush and there is SO much of it!
After crossing the Daintree River on the ferry with Jan & Jamie, we stopped at Cape Tribulation – named by Captain Cook when things turned awfully pear-shaped on the HMB Endeavour. Loved the gnarled trees and plants, the Australian brush turkeys and curlews.
Australian Brush turkey
Curlew 2
The curlews take you by surprise as they stand very still and look like a garden sculpture. They will be forever known as the screaming boy birds to us now – a friend had a 3 year old staying, and in the morning he asked his mum what those boys were screaming about all night! Very accurate as that is exactly what they sound like.
The Marrdja boardwalk through mangroves and rain forest was somewhat sinister for us Westies who are used to wide open beaches with no vegetation!
Creeper Crew in rainforest Daintree road 1
Lunch at the Lync-Haven Retreat was great. In fact we have found that the quality of meals in Qld is very high quality and VERY reasonably priced. Maybe we are just have to pay way too much in WA, but even very small, remote places provide beautiful meals, and an accompanying glass of wine is always a good brand at a reasonable cost.
Ginny & Liz Port Douglas beach 2
A highlight has been catching up with Liz, a friend for 30 years. Ginny and Liz worked together at the child care centre in Kununurra in the mid 80’s, then we all got married in 1987 and had children in 1988. We’ve touched base a few times since, but it was good to get together and fill in some gaps! Liz has built a lovely home at Jullaten, high up above Mossman.
Wonga donga 1
We are now at Pinnacle Village north of Wonga Beach; great park, lots of room and beautiful trees and birds. Unfortunately tho’ they have a bluddy peacock family that wants to roost in the tree immediately over our caravan… Did you know they honk LOUDLY on awakening?!
Last night we had messy fruit bats knocking the nuts off the tree and crapping all over the ‘van! Hmmm. Ian is missing his shanghai, but our neighbour has a high pressure hose on standby so will keep you posted.