Morgan – our entry point to the fabulous Riverland…

Morgan was our first view of the mighty Murray River, just where it bends dramatically south. However we plan to follow the river east, using the fabulous free ferry trips to explore the Riverland region.
Dawn vapour trail Morgan
The measurements of the different Murray River floods show that 1956 was a very bad year around here!
Morgan is a small but delightful town with a yummy bakery (think hot cross buns just out of the oven), and 2 hotels within walking distance of the caravan park – very civilised. Most impressed with the Commercial’s annual camp oven team cook-off – would like to experience that!
Pub dilemma Two pubs Morgan
Commercial  hotel front bar
Old wharf Morgan
The old wharf precinct is also being restored. Suffice to say we LOVED Morgan and our introduction to river cliff views and learning about the paddle steamer era of the 19th century when this town was the busiest inland port in Australia.
However although it is fun to be a tourist in this region, we want to understand the Murray-Darling Basin controversy. We only hear about these problems at election time but these 2 rivers span 4 states so nothing is simple! Time for some research… please let us know if you can recommend a good overview?

One thought on “Morgan – our entry point to the fabulous Riverland…

  1. Amanda Kendle

    That is a truly scary flood level! But that top photo is absolutely heavenly. As I expected, I am *thoroughly* enjoying following your trip! Apart from the jealousy issue of course 😉


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