Corfu & the Messina Straits

Our only stop in Greece was the island of Corfu.

How many people remember reading “My Family and Other Animals” by Gerald Durrell?!  It was such a fascinating story about his family’s experiences living on Corfu, as well as all the ‘beasties’ they nurtured.

We enjoyed our scenic (hairpin) drive around the island, and seeing spectacular seascapes from on high…A Corfu 1 A Corfu 9Especially seeing ancient farms with typical Mediterranean produce – think olive groves, garlic, pomegranates, oranges – mixed with cannons, fortresses and other relics of war.

A Corfu 10 A Corfu 8 A Corfu 7

A Corfu 4

A Corfu 6

Unfortunately Inland Corfu is looking very run-down, with many deserted homes in evidence. The only upmarket area was the sea front with the usual tourist traps… Very sad.

Then it was back on board to sail around the south of Italy, past Mount Etna – hiding behind a shroud of cloud – and through the Straits of Messina – the tiny gap between Sicily and the mainland.

A Messina st 1 A Messina st 2

Control over this gap has been a historic – well, nightmare is the only word that comes to mind. It has only been navigable for large ships since 1957.

OK, test for today – how many seeds do you think are in a pomegranate? No googling!

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