Living in a caravan – the power of reductionist theory

It is amazing how happy life can be in a small space once you simplify your ‘stuff’ and reduce it to what is really important. Our caravan is a baby 15 footer so every bit of space is used and I often return to a favourite book “The Not So Big House” for inspiration. Sarah Susanka’s concepts of design emphasise comfort, beauty and detail.  The basic rules we use are: 

  • group the items that you need to use together: boxes keep equipment together well rather than loose in drawers and means you have everything you need
    Hair gear group
  • keep the items you need every day nearby, and things needed occasionally further away (we love our under the bed storage!)
  • maximise wardrobe space with hanging storage compartments – they hold so many clothes especially if you roll them Storage 2
  • these $2.49 stacking boxes from Red Dot as they store a multitude of shapes and sizes Storage solution 1
  • a tiny ex perfume bottle holds one flower or interesting leaf from our walks and adds beauty to your home
    Mini vase
  • remember that a significant period of your time is spent outside so a tray is handy to move things between the two areas.

We liked the ideas from Gayle and Col in their Caravan Living blog about what they bought initially, plus what didn’t work and was given away. Hope you enjoyed our ideas – more to follow, and please let us know in the comments below how you maximise the space in your caravan…

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