From Ginny & Ian Dadd, welcome to our Nomad171 blog. This started from people’s positive feedback when we shared our funny and/or interesting photos and stories via email newsletters. A friend suggested BLOGGING about our travels and daily life instead …. and learning how to do that with Amanda Kendle has been great fun!

Why the name Nomad171?

This is our membership number in the 4WD Club of WA  and it is a perfect moniker as we really enjoy wandering where, when and how we like. Leaving home (Perth, Western Australia) can be hard as Perth is ranked as the 9th most liveable city in the world. Unfortunately, it is also ranked as the 21st most expensive city in the world…

About us

We are an ANZAC couple – Ginny is originally from New Zealand and holds dual citizenship, and Ian is a true blue Western Australian. Between us, we have experience in many different fields of endeavour ~ and that influences our approach to travel, photography and our perspective on life. Ian is the photographer so you will see many images of our travels. If you would like a copy of a photograph these are available and would look really good in your home or office.

Meelup Beach

Meelup Beach

Travelling locally and overseas gives us great pleasure, from the researching and planning stages to then stretching our brains to take in all those new sights, listening to people’s stories and different ways of thinking and speaking, and of course finding new friends and food!

We also know that life is definitely not all beer and skittles. It’s taken us lots of hard work to get to this enjoyable stage of life, so if you’re reading this and are stuck in your own special rut of work, finances, family or life dramas – hang in there!

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Close up of us on beach