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Guess where we are going!

Our next trip has been planned for about 18 months now, but finally we can almost smell the avgas at the airport… we’re just a little excited!

This occasion apparently required a new suitcase for Ginny, so we paid a visit to our favourite luggage shop Leather and Luggage in Mt Lawley. And what do you know, she managed to find the only PURPLE one in captivity!


(In case you didn’t already know, this photo tells it all – yes, purple is her favourite colour!)

So where are we going? Hint 1: we’ve been learning ‘survival’ Italian from the lovely Juliana from Fra Amici language school. Between us we think we’ll be able to find out where the toilets are (always useful!), how to ask for prices…  and most importantly how to order a ‘vino bianco’ and English tea with milk!

Our first 10 days will see us in Rome, Tuscany and Piedmont. Then we train to Venice to meet our friends for the next part of our itinerary – which we won’t tell you about right now, but here’s Hint 2 – Viking Cruises!

Julimar Conservation Park 4WD jaunt

We are members of the 4WD Club of Western Australia and have been on many great trips with them. This one was a ‘Julimar Jaunt’ through the Julimar Conservation Park to have a look at the wildflowers there.

We met at the amazing Bindoon Bakehaus (great coffee, pies and cakes!) and then headed south for a bit before turning left onto Flat Rocks Road, where we proceeded to the Western Boundary Road. There we aired down our tyres before getting into the park in earnest. We meandered through most of the tracks on the map and a lot that don’t crack a mention.

A Julimar map

Lots of wildlife in evidence – ‘roos and emus, some with chicks. And of course wildflowers…

A 4wd 5

A 4wd 6

A 4wd 4 A 4wd 3 A 4wd 2 A 4wd 1

The park is mainly laterite gravel and that determines what grows there. Some species of trees and plants are pretty well confined to this type of terrain. It sometimes beggars belief what will grow on some of the poor soils here in W.A.

There are huge areas of ‘grass trees’ or Zanthorrea and the contrast between those trees that have been subject to a controlled burn and the untouched ones is interesting to see…

A grasstree 4 A grasstree 3 A grasstree 2 A grasstree 1 A flower 6 A flower 5 A flower 4 A flower 3 A flower 2 A flower 1

A orchid 1

A bullant 1

We were led on our ‘Jaunt’ by club member Barry Callen who is very familiar with the area and had Jim Cheeseman bringing up the rear as ‘tail end charlie’.  John Harman managed to stir up this bullant nest and this firmed up our decision to move on… There were seven vehicles on the trip. There was a little moderate terrain encountered, but in the main was a very easy and enjoyable day out.

This club is one of the largest 4WD clubs in Western Australia, catering for all makes of vehicles and age groups and run all sorts of one day, weekend and extended 4WD trips, social, recreational and educational events.  Visitors and new members are always welcome – if you’d like to find out more, click here!