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We recently came across this small but special cemetery near the town of Corrigin in the WA Wheatbelt….
A Doggone 1
You guessed right – it celebrates the special bond between dogs and their human families.
A Doggone 5 A Doggone 4 A Doggone 3
Lots of love and quite a bit of quirkiness has gone into these final resting places, and a local resident has voluntarily maintained the cemetery since 1974.
A Doggone 2 A Doggone 6
Corrigin is also famous for holding the world record for the Most Dogs in Utes they can parade through the town – 1527 currently. For our American readers, a ute is short for utility, and is the Aussie lingo for a pick-up truck.
Funds raised are donated to the fabulous Royal Flying Doctor Service and other local charities.
So a fabulous doggie town… we’ll let you know when the next parade is on!
A Wave Rock 3

Back on the road…briefly

After 6 months of city dwelling, it was definitely time to get out bush for a few days – but where to go? We opened our West Australian atlas (old-fashioned but the geography doesn’t change much around here!) with the challenge of finding a place that:

• neither of us had visited before – quite hard as Ian was born and bred in WA

• within 4-5 hours travel time from Perth

Within 3 minutes we found the perfect spot in the Wheatbelt region – Wave Rock, only 326 kms away, with a caravan park 2 km away from Hyden.

A Hyden 6 A Hyden 7

And what an amazing landform it is.  An enormous granite rock 15 metres high (same as a 3 story apartment) and 110 metres long. It has been beautifully sculpted over many millenia into the wave shape that makes you want to get your surfboard out!

A Wave Rock 3 A Wave Rock 2 A Wave Rock 1

The rock walls are stained in bright orange and black from the chemical reactions caused when water drips slowly over the tiny mosses, lichens and algae on the rockface.

A Hyden 5

Just loved Hippo’s Yawn – perfect name!

A Hyden Hippo yawn

Many trips and walks have been designed to explore the area, and most of these are included in the ‘Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail‘, a useful resource booklet for visitors.

A Hyden 8 A Hyden 10

We drove out to Mulka’s Cave and The Humps…. the name Mulka’s Cave comes from an Aboriginal Legend believe to be associated with the cave. Mulka was the illegal son of a woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden. The legend is complicated and violent, but is there to try to stop ‘wrong-way marriages’ and also to prevent children wandering away from the group. Note the rock art on the walls below:

A Hyden 14 A Cave 2

Hyden is a terrific town to visit

• a good pub with mallee roots on the fire, and local wines (that doesn’t happen everywhere) including a nice bottle of Shiraz from nearby Lake Grace

• excellent meat from Hyden Quality Butchers – lots of envious people were sniffing the air when we cooked our favourite lamb shank recipe for dinner on Saturday evening out at the caravan park!

• the Living Art Sculptures were inspirational. This is a clever ‘walk through history’ created by local people, using old machinery and metal junk to tell the story of Hyden.

A Hyden 17 A Hyden 16 A Hyden 15 A Hyden 14a A Hyden 13

As in most country towns, shops are not open on Saturday afternoon or Sunday so that local people can ‘get a life’.

All in all it was a very refreshing break and great to get back on the road again! Happy to answer any questions people may have about this region, or hear your own stories.